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Sometimes when you want to achieve something, you get stuck, it can feel lonely, discouraging and paralyzing. However, it’s amazing what you can accomplish when the path is clear, and you have a good sense of the right actions necessary to achieve your goals.

As your Coach, I will aid in assessing your business style, defining your vision of success, reveal your talents and resources, boost your self-image and confidence, increase your focus and work performance, identify your specific goals and strategies and even help you care for yourself by teaching you how to create energy and resilience with self-care practices.

I mainly coach clients through live calls either by phone or zoom, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or office.  Available packages are outlined below. 

Read the FAQ section for more details about coaching with me. 





Get Unstuck in 90 days

Transformational Coaching empowers a person to practice new ways of being that align with their desire to reach their highest potential and achieve their goal.  It's transformational because I help you implement the right behaviors with the right mindset as we strengthen your skills.  We will create a process you can duplicate for success.

This package includes:

• Nine live coaching sessions – one hour each

• And audio follow-up of essential points made in our coaching conversation

• Disc Assessment of your Business Management Style

• Three implementation weeks with applicable e-learning between the live calls

• Thirty-minute self-care session

• One thirty-minute team call with your leaders, if you choose

• Reasonable access to me through email and text

Cost:  $1,695




Fundamental Coaching is for leaders and entrepreneurs who need help in adjusting their course or specific skill building necessary to achieve their goals.  I. E.  How to improve sales or how to build a team, or help to determine an effective leadership style.

We’ll customize the time to meet your needs.

This package includes:

• Three live coaching sessions customized to solve your issues

• One implementation week with applicable e-learning

• An audio follow-up of essential points made in our coaching conversation

Cost:  $595

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Ignite Your Team

If you're working with a team of people in business, you can improve morale and increase inspiration with a customized team call.

Tell me about your team goals, and we'll put together the perfect 60-minute session that sparks new commitment and passion.

Cost:  $199



Stress Busting Coaching – How to Get More Energy and More Joy

In this one ninety-minute session, you will learn the big scary truth about how stress and how chronic stress hinders personal effectiveness and keeps individuals from elevating to higher levels of success.

You will be taught  practical strategies, including how to still the mind using Harvard's Relaxation Response for managing your stress. The goal is for you to have more energy, resilience and focus.   

Cost:  $195



Fearless Recruiting Mastermind Group

If you have taken my Become A Fearless Recruiter Course, you can enroll into my Fearless Recruiting Mastermind Group to continue your desire to learn and implement effective recruiting skills. You will receive new language, learning, and ideas to recruit others into your business two times a month.

The new learning comes through audios and accompanying PDFs.

Cost: $19 per month