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How do you work with me?

Click the coaching tab on the website and see my offerings. Then, connect with me through the contact page and tell me what you’re interested in. I’ll come back to you and tell you my availability and provide my coaching agreement.

How much does your coaching cost?

Pricing is available in the coaching section on this web site based on the coaching package you choose.  Face-to-face sessions or outside regular office hours, the fee may be higher.  I will offer you a custom package based on your needs and requirements.

Please note after each session you will be provided with an audio, prepared by me, outlining the major points and insights from our coaching conversations.  You also have reasonable email and text access to me between sessions.

How do you pay?

After we agree on a package, I will send you a Pay Pal invoice where you can pay with a credit card or pay pal.

Why do you offer coaching calls by phone or zoom?

Most of my clients prefer learning in the comfort of their home or office without travel and clients have tight schedules, so every minute counts. 

How long does coaching take?

The minimum recommended time investment is the Transformational Coaching package.  It gives us the time we need to make sustainable positive changes. 

What’s the difference between training and coaching?

A trainer helps you develop new skills and knowledge in particular areas.  A Coach creates a confidential and safe space where you can share your challenges, express your feeling and create a plan for your future.  A Coach doesn’t judge – they provide knowledge and accountability to help you achieve your goals.

What about confidentiality? 

Our sessions (including email and texts) will be strictly confidential for you and me. We will agree not to share ideas, information or, experiences expressed on our call without permission.

Is there a refund if I don’t like the sessions?

If there is anything you wish to change, don’t hesitate to tell me as soon as possible.  Our relationship needs to be based on honesty and trust, and I will work to modify the sessions to meet your needs.

It is not possible, however, to offer refunds for any portion of the payment, including cancellations or no-shows unless there is a serious, valid reason like a medical or family emergency.

Can I reschedule my time?

Yes, with appropriate 24-hour notice.

Why did you become a Coach?

I believe coaching people to their highest potential is my God-given purpose. I have been working with women (and men) for 25 years helping them achieve profitable and purposeful businesses.  I cherish assisting humans to become better people and difference makers in the world. We all deserve a life filled with abundance and joy.

Why do you offer self-care products (The Joy Spa) on your website?

I believe that when you take care of yourself, using daily self-care products and practices, you increase energy, focus and resilience.  The Joy Spa products are free of toxins and are safe and delightful to use to decrease stress and prompt calmness.

What do you do if you’re not coaching?

Many things – I love reading tons of books and magazines that inspire me, walking dogs, and having Sunday Supper with family.