Let Your Brain Help You Cultivate Joy

Some self-care practices can help you cultivate joy just by using your brain in a new way. Science has shown you can control your happiness by “forcing yourself” to feel positive emotions. How? By creating more positives experiences.  Here are several ways to help joyful feelings stand the test of time.

1. Think Positive Thoughts

Repeating upbeat, optimistic phrases or affirmations to yourself can lead to more joy. For example:

  • “I got this.” 

  • “I know I’m doing my very best.” 

  • “All will be well.” 

  • “I am loved and appreciated.”  

Take time during your busy day to say positive and affirming thoughts to yourself.

2. Be Mindful

Practice being fully aware of your surroundings. Notice and appreciate the smallest of details.  Pay close attention to your present environment, seeking out what makes you happy as you see it. You can focus mindful thoughts even when you’re cleaning or eating. Mindfulness can lower stress and anxiety as you slow down and take in all the joy before you.

3. Practice Gratitude

At night, bring awareness to at least three things from your day that you are grateful for. This simple practice is said to bring calmer sleep.  You can also keep a bedside journal to record the small things that made you happy during the day.  Recording such thoughts reduces negative energy.

4. Get Moving

Physical movement will boost your energy level and definitely improve your well-being.  Going outside in the natural light has been scientifically proven to elevate one’s mood.  Why not put a joyful morning walk into your daily routine?

Remember, real happiness comes from within, so choose JOY every day.

Ali WrightComment