Peace of Mind in Minutes

Practicing a self-care centering posture brings calm to the mind and body while lengthening the spine and strengthening the calves and ankles. Learning this “tree pose” helps you stay strong and grounded.  

Learn Yoga Tree Pose for Peace of Mind in Minutes

Learn Yoga Tree Pose for Peace of Mind in Minutes

Here’s how to get into the pose:

  1. Stand with your arms by your side facing front, palms open. Take a moment to breathe deeply, connect with your core and feel your feet firmly planted on the floor.  

  2. On an in-breath, bring your hands to prayer position at the center of your chest. Take a few deep breaths, enjoying this calming position.

  3. Slowly bend your left knee and place the sole of your left foot inside your right leg above the ankle. (As you get stronger, you can raise the foot higher on the inside of your leg.) 

  4. On an out-breath, raise your palms in prayer position above your head so that your arms are straight up. Take a few deep breaths in this position, with your chest and shoulders open wide and your legs strong and grounded.

  5. Lower your arms back down to prayer pose in front of your chest and lower your left foot back to standing position. 

  6. Next, repeat the exercise on the other side of the body, firmly planting your left leg and bringing the right foot to the inside of the left leg above the ankle.


If you feel wobbly, leave your toes on the floor instead of moving the foot above the ankle.  Keep your eyes open and direct your gaze toward a fixed object ahead of you.

This is a perfect morning self-care practice to start your day off strong.

Ali WrightComment