Face Your Fear and Do It Anyway

At-home entrepreneurs have goals, dreams, and desires of the things they want to get out of life. Sometimes, though, the things you want to do feel scary and out of reach. There are two ways to deal with this: 1) run away, or 2) swim with the tide and gain the confidence to overcome your fears. 

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Many of us have heard this acronym for FEAR – "False Evidence Appearing Real.” Most fear stems from the things we tell ourselves that are not true. We might make up an outcome to a story we tell ourselves, or we merely fill our minds with false beliefs. The irony is that these fears are often not even real, but we behave as if they are.

Here are a few specific strategies to overcome fear:

  • Accept:  This is a challenging situation for you, and that's okay.  Congratulate yourself on your willingness to work on overcoming your fear.

  • Explore:  Brainstorm your thoughts out loud or write them down.  What messages have you been telling yourself? 

  • Challenge:  Ask yourself this question:  Is that thought true?

  • Team up:  Find a friend and ask for help to overcome the issue you are dealing with. 

  • Be kind:  Show yourself some compassion and give yourself a break.  Be open to being brave, not perfect.

  • Remember to breathe: Calm breath relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind, leaving you in a much healthier state so you can face your fears. Close your eyes. Try breathing in through your nose for three seconds and breathing out through your mouth for six seconds.

Try these strategies to face your fears. Who knows; the results might change your life!

Carlina Scalf