5 Reasons to Honor Self-Care in February

Move over, January: the February blues are here. The excitement of the New Year has worn off, winter is in full swing, and Valentine’s Day, while full of flowers and candy, encourages us to focus on giving energy to others instead of ourselves. This February, we’re giving you permission to hibernate from your overstuffed calendar and take time each day for you. Even if you must start small, a minute-long practice in the morning or before bed can make a big difference. Prioritizing self-care now will prepare you for a a healthy, productive spring full of possibility.

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Why Self-Care? Why Now?

  1. You can’t give to others if you don’t take time for yourself. We all want to give love, time and attention to those we love —  friends, partners, children, parents, coworkers. These relationships can nourish us, but at times they also deplete our energy. In order to be at our best for others, it’s crucial to take time to take care of ourselves. As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

  2. Quiet breeds new ideas. Busy schedules can make us feel productive without allowing time for creation, play, and reflective thought. If we’re constantly stressed about the next thing, there’s no time to explore in our own heads. When you’re feeling stuck on a work or personal problem, a meditation practice or daily spa ritual can allow a quiet that creates clarity. As Kahlil Gibran said, “Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and nights.” 


  3. Your well-being is worth it. Sometimes, we don’t take care of ourselves because we have subconscious beliefs that we are not worthy of love, time, and attention. When we recognize these negative self-thoughts, it is important to uproot them and replace them with healing thoughts of self-care and love. Developing a self-care practice is a way of saying “I am worthy of health, happiness and well-being” to your mind, body, and soul over and over again.

  4. Self-care is a practice in gratitude. It is easy to forget what a miracle it is to have a body that moves and a mind that thinks. Too often we are encouraged to find and fix our faults, to get lost in all the things we don’t like about our bodies. Self-care that focuses on appreciating the body, such as a daily Joy Spa practice, sends a message of gratitude to the universe for our minds and bodies, and creates positive and loving energy within us toward our faults.

  5. It’s fun! Self-care should be enjoyable and should offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of life. A daily self-care practice guarantees that no matter how busy your day, joy will be a part of it. Allow the power of a self-care practice into your life, and greater feelings of joy, peace and well-being are sure to follow.

Carlina Scalf