Goals of Self-Care

The goals of self-care are simple: 

• Healthy Mind

• Healthy Body

• Healthy Spirit


Women, in particular, struggle with self-care.  They are socialized to care for the people around them and minimize their own needs.  This leads to less self-worth and a habit of putting off opportunities to nurture themselves.  

Self-care means considering yourself a worthwhile person and presenting yourself as valuable, capable and deserving.  A self-care practice doesn't have to involve a big undertaking.  Self-care is more valuable delivered in small doses, which don't take a lot of time from other responsibilities.

Here are a few self-care practices to consider.  Start with just one and commit to spending a few each day completing your practice. 

MEDITATION:  Meditation offers your mind a break by allowing it to disengage from the ongoing commotion around you.  It can slow your heartbeat and lower your blood pressure.  Simply pick a phrase that calms you, such as "I am loved" and repeat it in your mind for a few minutes.


BREATHING EXERCISES:  Breathing exercises allow you to pay attention to the breaths that reside within us that we take for granted.  Taking deep breaths in and out for several minutes can calm our body and spirit.


CANDLE MAGIC:  Candles provide an easy way to engage in self-care; especially if they are created with pure essential oils like the ones The Joy Spa provides.  Lighting a candle and being with your happy thoughts can be a beautiful self-care practice.


JOURNALING:  Journaling is a therapeutic practice.  Any blank journal or notebook that makes you happy and relaxed when you look at it is perfect for this practice.  Start by entering three things you are grateful for every day.


Practicing simple self-care techniques means treating yourself with respect and kindness, which will extend to everyone around you. It means supporting yourself in the same way you have cared for the people around you.

Char Schuster