How a Calm Bedroom Can Change Your Daily Life

If there’s any room in the house that reflects your most genuine and private place, it’s your bedroom. It is a room that is truly connected to your personal wellness and self-care. 

As kids, the walls of our room may have been cluttered with posters of bands and “hunks,” which made us feel special. But, as adults, our bedrooms should be focused on relaxation. They might be made to manifest restful sleep, quality time with someone you love, or private retreat to read or listen to music in peace. However you choose to get away, creating a calm bedroom is paramount to your daily well-being.


Take a minute to think about how you inhabit your most private space, and what you can do there to cultivate a sense of self-care. Whether you are styling yourself in the morning or lighting a candle and journaling your thoughts in the evening, you should feel comfortable and at home in your space.

Creating a Calm Bedroom

Ponder these questions as you consider your bedroom.  Let your mind wander, and be open to new ideas; small changes can make a big difference.

  1. How do you like to take care of yourself?

  2. What brings you rest and calm?

  3. What did you love about your bedroom as a child?

  4. What vibe or mood do you want your bedroom to have?

  5. What sort of scents or candles do you like in this space?

  6. How do you care for your body in this space?

  7. What decorative items do you have in your space that connect with your soul?

  8. Do you like the color of your space?

  9. Do you have signs of nature in your space? Flowers? Plants?

  10. Is there a special place you pray or meditate in your space?

Use these questions to tailor your bedroom to your well-being needs. Waking up in a beautiful space curated by you and for you will keep your days ignited with positivity and promise.

Carlina Scalf