One Step at a Time

When it all feels like too much and you can’t see a way forward, just stay close to what needs to be done right now.  Think one step at a time.   Break the actions down and make a plan.  What do you need to do today to get you closer to your goal?  Thinking too far out into the future makes achieving the goal overwhelming. 


Here are six tips to help you achieve your goals one step at a time:

• Be crystal clear about what your goal is.  It can be a work goal, or a goal to clean out your closet.  These tips work for any goal you have in mind.


• Let go of the “other stuff”   that doesn’t support accomplishing your goal - the unimportant things we tend to worry about.


• Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help if that’s what you need to act on your goal.


• Prioritize what needs your attention first.  Make a list – remember it’s about the first step, the next step, and so on.


• Work through one thing at a time so your goal has your full attention. 


• Refuel yourself – take a time out to refresh so your energy stays high.


Remember everything will come together in the end…you have the power to accomplish anything you set out to do if you stay the course and work the plan one step at a time.

Char Schuster