Spring Is a Good Time to Start Fresh

With more daylight, blossoming flowers and the feel of fresh hope, spring is a great time to set new goals for yourself and see new possibilities. 

The aim of spring is to feel clear-headed and in control. In order to achieve this invigorating can-do attitude, you must first dust off your mindset.

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Switch your mindset from feeling tired, depressed and weighed down to being open to new possibilities and positive outcomes. To achieve this, you first need to reconnect with yourself.  Practicing gratitude and openness is the key to creating an unencumbered mind that is receptive and creative. 

As a daily practice, free up some mental space to luxuriate in at the start of each day. During your morning shower, let go of all your thoughts about what actions need to take place that day. Just be in the shower and feel joy to be alive. (Joy is the internal quality that resides deep inside us. The well of joy can only be turned off if we allow it.) After setting your joyful intentions for the day, dry your body and think of three things you are grateful for. Cultivating a habit of gratitude is essential to the process of becoming open and receptive to what the day brings.

Moving our thoughts to a more positive place, as well as feeling joy and gratitude, can open the door to self-compassion.  When you beat yourself up because you believe you are inadequate, or when negative thoughts about people and events begin to swirl in your mind, you’ll know immediately you are off course.  With a clear mind, you will be able to meet yourself where you are and treat yourself with compassionate understanding, allowing yourself to overcome this negative headspace. If we are committed to being kind, respectful and grateful about who we are and what we positively contribute to the world, self-doubt and negativity will quickly pass through us, and our confidence and joy will prevail.  

Small daily practices of self-care lead us to a life filled with more joy and happiness.

Char Schuster